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Alleged killers talked about corpse on Facebook?

A young couple reportedly partied at a bar after allegedly murdering a 19-year-old girl, then argued about how to dispose of her corpse in text and Facebook messages!

A young couple reportedly partied at a bar after allegedly murdering a 19-year-old girl, then argued about how to dispose of her corpse in text and Facebook messages!

We Want Justice for Ben Novack Jr.!


Florida Millionaire Brutally Killed on Business Trip. Wife Wanted Him Dead for Money?

A young Florida woman goes from being down on her luck to becoming the wife of a millionaire. But nearly two decades later, the reported stripper-turned-millionaire’s wife would be accused of plotting the beating death of her wealthy husband while the two are away on a business trip in Rye Brook, New York.

Stripper-turned-Millionaire’s Wife?

Ben Novack Jr. was the son of prominent hotelier and businessman, Ben Novack Sr., the onetime owner of Miami Beach’s famous, lavish Fontainebleau hotel. In the early 80’s after his father lost the luxury South Florida hotel to bankruptcy, Novack Jr. branched out on his own starting a successful, thriving convention planning business, Convention Concepts Unlimited. The majority of Novack Jr.’s wealth was earned planning conventions for Amway International.

Ben Novack Jr./ Police say his gold bracelet may have been taken
Ben Novack Jr./ Police say his gold bracelet may have been taken

A native of Ecuador, Narcy Novack, was reportedly a stripper when she met Ben Novack Jr. The two were married shortly after in 1991. According to reports, Ben Novack Jr. treated his wife’s biological daughter as his own and by all accounts they were living a glamorous life of wealth and privilege in Fort Lauderdale, all working together in the multi-million dollar business. That bond would soon be broken and there would be trouble in paradise. According to the Miami Herald, allegations of spousal abuse, never proven, affairs and even a divorce filing that was later dropped, sent the mansion of cards tumbling.

Robbery or Twisted Sex Game Gone Wrong?
In the wee hours of June 2002 Fort Lauderdale police fielded an emergency call from Ben Novack Jr. insisting he was the victim of a home invasion robbery set in motion by his wife, Narcy Novack. According to the incident report, Ben Novack details a 25 hour nightmare in which he claims he was bound, gagged and blindfolded all while handcuffed to a chair in his bedroom by several men who gained access to the home through his wife, Narcy.

Narcy Novack
Narcy Novack

Novack says he was held at gunpoint while his wife demanded all her personal belongings, $440,000 in company petty cash funds secured in the safe, company records, personal papers and documents were removed from the home. When police insisted on dispatching officers to the home, Novack refused the help saying the house was under watch and he received death threats warning if cops showed up he would be killed. After finally getting inside the home, police found a disheveled Ben Novack with cuts on his lips and redness on his wrists. A floor safe was wide open and cleaned out. In the master bedroom cops found a reclining chair surrounded by ropes and binding items, including handcuffs. Other rooms throughout the home were also cleaned out of Narcy Novack’s things, like her clothing and personal items. After attempting multiple telephone sting operations on his wife hoping to implicate her in the robbery, Narcy Novack had a much different story to tell police.

When Fort Lauderdale detectives finally got Narcy Novack to come to headquarters to answer to the robbery claims, she was armed with bags and boxes of explicit photos and magazines she alleges are part of her husband’s sex fetishes and the couple’s twisted sex games, including bondage. Narcy Novack told investigators many of their nights involved handcuffing each other to the very chair where Ben Novack reports he was held captive for hours in a home invasion. And it wasn’t only sex games Novack told cops about, she also claimed the relationship was violent, alleging physical abuse and claiming she was tricked into getting breast implants. Narcy Novack insisted the alleged home invasion was just another sex game. But Novack’s changing story just didn’t add up, according to the incident report, and when cops confronted her it appeared there was more of a volatile history between the couple. Narcy Novack threatened to expose her husband’s sex fetishes and other secrets if he went through with prosecuting her. In the end, Ben Novack signed papers agreeing to drop the case and the two decided to reconcile. But that wouldn’t last for long.

Deadly Business Trip

As reports of an affair between Ben Novack Jr. and another woman surfaced and arguments in the workplace between Novack and wife, Narcy, erupted, authorities believe Narcy Novack became terrified her husband was going to leave her and cut her out of his multi-million dollar estate, estimated between $6 and $10 million. As beneficiary of his will, Ben Novack’s death was the only way Novack would be able to get her hands on all that money. Reportedly there was a prenup that would leave her with only six figures. And it was on a July 2009 business trip authorities say Narcy Novack put a plan in motion to get rid of her wealthy husband. Ben and Narcy Novack and Narcy’s daughter jetted off to the suburbs of New York City to oversee an Amway convention they organized at the Hilton in Rye Brook, New York. On the morning of July 12 with thousands of guests on hand to attend the convention and problems arising, there was no sign of the man in charge, Ben Novack Jr. Reportedly a stickler for perfection and a workaholic, it was odd for Novack to be out of sight. The answer to Novack’s absence would be found upstairs in suite 453. Novack was found beaten to death on the hotel room floor, covered in blood, duct-taped around his face, legs and his hands bound behind his back.

According to a federal indictment, Narcy Novack claims her husband pulled an all nighter not falling asleep until 6:30am, the morning of the Sunday convention. Novack claims 30 minutes later she left Ben Novack sleeping and went down to breakfast. At 7:40 am, Narcy Novack says she came back to the room and found her husband unresponsive on the floor. According to reports it was a frenetic scene. Narcy Novack was reportedly screaming and throwing herself on the floor. Court documents reveal Narcy Novack blamed the murder on her husband’s enemies and his business dealings with weird people, including a comic book collector she claims had volatile negotiations with her husband over a $43,000 comic book. The day after the murder, New York State Police gave Narcy Novack a polygraph and the results “showed indications of deception”.

The indictment alleges Narcy Novack and 4 others, her brother, Cristobal Veliz, another relative, Denis Ramirez, another man, Joel Gonzalez, and a fourth man, unidentified because he is cooperating with authorities, plotted for weeks to kill Ben Novack Jr. The indictment alleges during the first full week of July the men drove from South Florida to Rye Brook, New York, scouting the Hilton hotel to prepare for the attack. On the day of the alleged murder, July 12, Narcy Novack placed a call to her brother, Cristobal Veliz. Novack then opened the door to her suite, allegedly watching as Ben Novack was beaten, cut and bound. Novack is also accused of giving the alleged killers a pillow to place over her husband’s face as he was being attacked. She also allegedly handed over her husband’s diamond bracelet. And to top it all off, there’s reportedly surveillance video of the alleged killers leaving the hotel room.

As New York State police, Fort Lauderdale police and federal authorities launched a massive multi-agency investigation spanning months, Narcy Novack reportedly made a few suspicious moves, including taking more than $100,000 of company money, emptying out her dead husband’s Bank of America safety deposit boxes and moving his prized million-dollar Batman memorabilia collection. There were even allegations of plots to kill Ben Novack’s stepdaughter and her sons, beneficiaries of Novack’s estate in the event Narcy Novack was charged with Ben Novack’s death. Almost one year to the day Ben Novack Jr. was found murdered, FBI agents swooped in arresting Narcy Novack at her Fort Lauderdale home. Up north, Novack’s brother, Cristobal Veliz and another defendant are arrested in Brooklyn, New York. No details are available about the unidentified man now cooperating with authorities, referred to as “CC-1” in the criminal indictment and no longer named a defendant. The fourth suspect, Joel Gonzalez, was a 24 hour fugitive, arrested July 9 in Miami. Interestingly, the four defendants are not facing murder counts at this time, instead charged with conspiracy to commit interstate domestic violence and stalking. Additional charges, including murder, could follow. Narcy Novack has been extradited to New York, where her husband Ben Novack was killed, to face felony charges.

In a stunning twist, federal prosecutors revealed at a bond hearing for Narcy Novack she stood by and watched the brutal attack on her husband, insisting the alleged killers cut out his eyes with a knife and “finish him off.” Bond was denied.

Another Murder Linked to Dead Millionaire’s Wife? All in the Family?

In a stunning twist, another death within the family just months before Ben Novack’s alleged murder is now being linked to Narcy Novack. Three months before Ben Novack was found dead in a Westchester County hotel room, his mother, 87-year-old Bernice Novack, was found dead in her Fort Lauderdale home. At the time, the county coroner ruled her death an accident, citing a series of falls. Although Fort Lauderdale police closed the investigation, some in the Novack family, including Ben Novack Jr. were suspicious. And it wasn’t until Ben Novack’s brutal death that Bernice Novack’s case was reopened. Not only did investigators receive an anonymous letter insisting that Bernice Novack’s death was a homicide, but witnesses came forward allegedly confessing Narcy Novack was behind the murder plot, getting them to ambush the family’s matriarch as she stepped out of her car, beating her with a wrench. Her jaw was reportedly broken and blood was later found smeared on her car and on the walls of her home. Federal prosecutors also brought up the allegations in open court at Narcy Novak’s bond hearing, linking her to her mother-in-law’s death, just three months before her millionaire son’s murder. Bernice Novack’s death has now officially been ruled a homicide.

For years, Ben Novack Jr. made a successful living planning major conventions across the country. But little did he know a 2009 convention in Rye Brook, New York would be his last and according to federal prosecutors, it would be at the hands of his wife of 19 years, Narcy Novack.

We Want Justice for Ben Novack Jr.!

Stay strong,
S. Newman

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  1. Tara

    WHATEVER happened to the story earlier today, 8/9/2010, that the Croslin's causin got arrested and his house was being searched?? Why was it taken down?

    August 9, 2010 at 3:27 pm
  2. diana

    my comment is up for moderation...will be interesting to see if it gets put on here....willing to bet it won"t....will be watching to see...put up the truth...not just what you want people to see or think....

    August 9, 2010 at 7:34 pm
  3. latyra smith

    i think she should get the death penaty. Do you have any updates on the shaniyah davis case that story really touch me and i want justice for her

    August 10, 2010 at 9:32 am
  4. Jerry Blankenship

    to play the part of Hailey Dean
    Jean Smart...she look a lot like Nancy...Love her and all her shows and Thank God for her work...God Bless. Jerry Blankenship

    August 10, 2010 at 8:01 pm
  5. chris slay


    August 10, 2010 at 8:06 pm
  6. Brandi Jones

    Is there a chance that this business with Fantasha and her friend was all a set up between the friend and his wife just to get money out of Fantasha?

    August 12, 2010 at 7:35 pm
  7. David Laskiewicz

    1997 Lori Lowery employed by the United States Department Of Justice in Sacramento , CA never committed a crime & was housed in the Mens Penitentiary Of Lompoc , CA. Persecuted for her faith in Jesus Christ , mentally & physically abused. In trying to exploit this incident I have faced persecution for my faith , wire tapping ,house entered, duplicate keys made to my vehicles, no privacy in postal service , & absolutely no privacy in general unless I leave the country. The poor are opressed & the wealthy try to control society. Nancy Grace nor any State , County , Government Agency , or any attorney will investigate the afore-mentioned incident. I released a C/D through & one song is Titled Lori Passed. The song exploits the incident that our Secret Satanic Goverment wants to cover up.Nancy look into Bohemian Grove/ CIA Drug Involvement/CIA Plane Crashes & wake up &realize all of the poor man & woman cases you exploit may have another Defendant who is indirectly responsible OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

    August 12, 2010 at 10:32 pm
  8. Scott

    I know that this wont make it to the air, but there is something I have wanted to tell you for a very long time, and only as of late have I had web access to share it with you. Yoy are complete journalistic garbage. Your sensationalized, scripted adjectives, make me sick. If I didn't have the luxury of changing the channel when your face appears, I would kill myself. You and your show are a sorry indicator of the decline of intelligence in our society, in other words, your a "moron magnet". Please, retire, let ea real journalist take your timeslot.

    August 13, 2010 at 2:15 am
  9. Scott

    The police bagging up the pills, in small amounts, to insure more charges, supplying them, offering more, giving them on a "front" meaning that you dont need any money, asking them to take more, pushing them. Has noone else noticed this in the Misty Croslin police tape? I hate to tell you, but theres a difference between being guilty, and being railroaded.Don't get me wrong, shes guilty as hell, but it is all manipulated. Imagine it being you on the other end of that kind of manipulation, I't doesn't have to be drugs. A policeman with an agenda is a SCARY thing. WATCHOUT

    August 13, 2010 at 2:25 am
  10. johanson

    good god shes fugly,what was the strip clubs name,he found her at, called? the bottom of the BARREL or was it called ,LAST CALL, they should fine him for picking her up, a lott earlier,

    August 13, 2010 at 2:59 am
  11. LLL


    August 13, 2010 at 10:15 am
  12. helen

    Is this woman who poisoned her husband with pudding a registered nurse or certified nurse assistant. There is a huge difference.

    August 13, 2010 at 9:46 pm
  13. Alex Dulcero

    So it just simply means that this stripper just married him for tons of money?! of course money is everything, but how could u kill a man who gave u everything that u asked for... and the woman narcy is just nothing after all she should get death penalty if thats the case.

    August 14, 2010 at 12:02 pm
  14. debra goldstein lustig

    I think that swift justice should be served in heinous crime of Ben Novack Jr. For starters arrest that lunatic of a wife , her brother and the other accomplices ASAP. All of them deserve the death penalty, but maybe not before someone should do to them (an eye for an eye) what she had them do to him.... cut out their eyes, or maybe just one. Then let them suffer the way that Ben Novack,Jr suffered. But most deinitely, jail them and give them the death penalty. Also it seems that because of her greediness,she was instrumental in the murder of her mother in law. Thank you for allowing me to vent my feelings. Debra G. Lustig

    August 15, 2010 at 3:58 pm
  15. Confidential

    I personally knew and spent time with Ben and Narcy. I also spent time with Narcy's daughter and other CCU staff. The stories I was told validate all of the news reports and many haven't even surfaced yet, which I am sure will at the trial. Their's was truly a twisted relationship! Ben was no saint, however he had a very good side to him and did not deserve to die. Believe it or not Narcy had a very good side to her as well. She could be very sweet and caring. I honestly was not surprised when Narcy was arrested for Ben's murder, knew it was eventually going to happen.

    August 31, 2010 at 12:15 pm
  16. Vanessa

    I worked at the Fontainebleau Hilton when Ben used to bring his business there with the Amway conventions. He was nasty with all the staff including us managers. Talked down to people and gave you dirty looks that could kill. The old employees remembered hin as a child riding his tricicle thrue the hallways and trowing a temper tantrum in the lobby in front of guest, as I was told he had a mean side even as a child in contrast with his parents, decent and caring people. He and Narcy where just dirtbags with money. She was cute but cheap looking, no class, too much make up, egg yellow bleach hair amd her boobs where always popping out of her tops. At re-convention meetings all managers were wearing suits and Ben blue jeans, hawaiin shirts or t-shirts and sandals, then he will put his dirty feet on the table where there was always a lot of food upon his request. But his eyes were just so scary, mean and cold. I remember telling someone, "Ben is the kind of person someone will like to kill for being such an a..hole, I will like to see a crow gauche is eyes out for the way he looked at me" because he wanted something for free but I did not gave in. The upper managment will tell us, " Benji ( as he was called) does not own the hotel, Hilton does. I do not want anyone to be kill, but Ben and his wife were dark people.

    September 12, 2010 at 3:05 pm
  17. Veronica Phillips

    I am commenting on the Gaylee Anthony case
    I believe the whole case is on jealousy the parents shifted attention to the granddaughter from their daughter and she the daughter could not deal with it She preferred to get rid of her daughter than let her parents have her and take care of her so she could party (they even offered to adopt her) I think I remember that.
    Nancy Grace I listen every night you are great your children are beautiful and you are blessed it is so sad the things you hear persons do to wife relatives babies I have not got the times for the new series SWIFT JUSTICE

    September 16, 2010 at 1:08 pm
  18. Veronica Phillips

    This case with Ben is very SAD what won't people do for money she is wicked and greedy (If he only knew) You take someone out of a certain lifestyle and they cannot be satisfied with their new life so ungrateful
    what would a another person give to have been given that opportunity and he must have loved her so much That is the THANKS he got
    Don;t people love anymore without a reason behind it or something to gain just plain SIMPLE LOVE Not for what we can get but what we can GIVE
    Why can't persons talk come to agreements and let each other be free to live their life instead of leaving children without a MOTHER or FATHER and just be happy LIFE is a precious gift and a miracle at birth and LOVE is the most beautiful word put in action with sincerity and honesty
    Leave someone do not hurt them
    All who have done these things have not gained Times catches up with Them so where in the enjoyment just for a time
    I could go back to so many stories that have not been solved most of them babies not found to date and the empty hearts in pain and hurting because of persons who are evil vindictive jealous and selfish
    that they willuse an innocent baby to get their REVENGE

    September 16, 2010 at 1:23 pm